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They always say to expect the unexpected. Little did I know the unexpected also meant the unthinkable.

No longer a wife or a mother, what was once a full and meaningful life was now obliterated; leaving me with nothing but darkness in its place.

Until him.

Blazing bright and determined to bring me back to life, Lior came knocking on darkness’ door. Gentle, yet fierce; he was armed in warmth and healing.

He was powerful, persistent and prepared for war.

I just don’t know if I’m willing to fight or ready to fall.

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“Marley has created a story that has opened old wounds for me, but has also allowed me to accept the things that I have been through in the past. There are millions of women in the world who have suffered such a loss. We all deserve to have our story told, and Marley has given us such a beautiful voice.” – CJ Loves Books

“This was a beautiful, heartbreaking, and cathartic read for me. It’s a book that I don’t think I will forget.” – BookSmacked Blog

“For a book that deals with some very heavy issues, Marley Valentine’s debut novel Devastate is not only an incredible story of loss and heartache, but more importantly a tale of love and of hope.” – Nicandbooks

“This book came out of nowhere for me and it really spoke to me. I am so happy I read it.” – Amazon Reviewer

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