Remy Blake Guardian Ecover

The daughter of my oldest friend is now my responsibility. I expected a little girl in pigtails. What I got was a Lolita with an attitude that drives me insane, and a body that fuels every man’s fantasies.

She’s everywhere I turn. Tormenting me, teasing me, taunting me; wrapping herself around my every thought. Invading my life in more ways than one. Ivy Colt is my poison.

I know I shouldn’t want her, but like her namesake she’s an itch I need to scratch.

“Remy and Blake are a match made in heaven, they write beautifully and compliment each other. I can’t wait to read more from this duo.” – Amazon Reviewer, Diane Laferla

“My favorite thing about this duo, and even though this is only their second book, I am LOVING the amount of depth we get in such a short time.” – Amy M. from 2 Amy’s Love Reading Blog

“It has laugh out loud humour, INTENSE heat and believe it or not vulnerability that truly almost had me in tears” – Denielle from DIRTY KNEES REVIEWS
“Kill your phone and doorbell, because you’ll want to finish this in one sitting. Satisfyingly sweet AND sexy.” – PopKitty Reviews
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