“When I say I want every layer gone, it has nothing to do with your body and everything to do with what’s underneath.”

I knew her body before I knew her.

One night turned into two.
Two nights turned into three.
And before I knew it I was hooked.

But I no longer wanted to be the man that occasionally warmed her bed, I wanted to be the man by her side. The man she invited into her world, the man she let love her.

But Courtney didn’t want that life, she was a closed book, filled with pages of details she didn’t want to share. She wanted two-dimensional conversations, instant gratification and fleeting moments.

I had every intention of showing her just how good we could be. I had patience. I had time, but when her biggest secret is accidentally revealed I realized I didn’t really have anything, because I never had her.

Valentine draws you in and cuts you deep with this book. She certainly makes you sit up and realise there is probably an element of her characters within us all. This book gives the realisation that it’s ok to feel your own pain, share your grief, and that you’re never alone.

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