“If I kiss you, will you run? Because you need to know, Evie. If you plan on running, I plan on catching you.”

I knew Evie Wright was special from first time we met. Even with her sad eyes and heartbroken smile, I was attracted to the beauty she so desperately tried to hide.

Emotionally battered and bruised, Evie had experienced one too many of the hard truths life had to offer. She was drowning in heartache and I wanted to be the one to rescue her.

I wanted to shower her in love and warmth and show her we could have brighter days. But she was too scared. Scared to move forward. Scared to move on. And I was scared of losing her.

Together, Evie and I were more than special. We were worth the fight, and worth the fall. I told myself I would give her time and space, but instead, I think I just made it easier for her to walk away.

…written so beautifully. I felt every emotion as the story unfolded. I cried, got angry, cried again, and even laughed! If you love emotional goosebump reads, this one is it.
Tiffany Brocato