Reclaim is live!

Reclaim is live!

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Unlike most eighteen year olds, I had the weight of the world on my young shoulders. Desperate to do right by my family, my questionable choices led me to the pits of hell.

Steel bars, three meals a day and no contact with the outside world; regret consumed my every thought. Desperate to pay my penance, forgiveness and a happily ever after wasn’t the plan.

But there she was.

Warm, passionate and unexpected, Emerson Lane was the light at the end of the tunnel. She was all a man like me could want and everything I didn’t deserve.

Redemption wasn’t something I thought I would ever find. Until she found me.

Reclaim is one of those books that tugs at your heartstrings. Filled with lovable characters and an emotional journey you won’t be able to put this one down.
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Read an excerpt…

A knock on the door almost goes unnoticed, until I see locks of brown hair walking toward me.
I stand up to meet Emerson, shocked at how much solace her presence gives me.

“Are you almost ready?” she asks. Frozen and unable to speak, I nod. Avoiding my eyes, she looks behind me, and finds the bag of clothes Thompson brought in. Stepping around, she grabs the navy and white checkered shirt and hands it to me. “Put this on over your t-shirt.”

Sliding each arm in, I try and fix the way it sits as best I can without a mirror.

“Here, let me do it.”

Directly in front of one another her breath mingles with mine, speaking their own language of anxiety and anticipation. She folds over the collar, and straightens out the material.

Her fingertips graze my skin and I forget how to breathe. “Are you okay?” she whispers.

Like an idiot, I nod, again. Hands circle my biceps and make their way down to the cuff of the shirt. Slowly she rolls the sleeve up to my elbows, and moves to the other one.

The motions are simple, things that people take for granted daily. But between Emerson and I it’s intimate.


With every touch I feel the scars of my isolation come to surface and the tangible fear of not being able to survive beyond these four walls.

“What are you doing here?” I say, finding my voice.

Pulling back, she finally has the courage to look at me. Her eyes stroke my skin, and for the first time her desire is unreserved and obvious. “I wasn’t going to miss watching you walk out of here.”

“I don’t think I can do this,” I confess.

Holding her hand up in the air, she looks at me expectantly. I mimic her actions and let my palm touch hers. She takes it as an invitation to slip her fingers through mine.

I squeeze her hand, like she might disappear in any moment. Holding my gaze, she squeezes it right back.

“You’ve got this, Jagger. Life’s waiting for you to live it.”

“I’ve got this,” I repeat.


“As, I’ll ever be.”

She unlatches her hand from mine, and the separation is poignant and painful.

“Let’s go.”

Reclaim is coming March 29th!

Reclaim is coming March 29th!

Reclaim (A Redemption Novel)
Release date: March 29th


Twelve Years Ago

The metal rubs roughly against my skin, cutting deep into my wrists, as forceful hands press into the middle of my back, urging me forward.
My feet shuffle around the splattered blood decorating the tiled floor, and my eyes wander over the mess I’m leaving behind.

What have I done?

Stepping outside, I’m welcomed by the flashing strobed of red and blue lights, and the prying eyes of everyone I’ve ever known.

Staring. Questioning. Judging.

I keep my head down, willing myself to wake up from this horrible nightmare. Praying that my irresponsible choices didn’t just take away my whole family. With each step I take the sound of gunshots bouncing off the walls echoes through my mind. Mixed with the memory of Sasha’s blood curdling screams, and I know I’m destined to be haunted by this moment forever.

“Ma’am you’re going to have to move out of the way.” The officer’s stern voice has me looking up. I wondered if I would see her before they took me away. She stands before me, leaning on the police car. Her tears are uncontrollable, and her shoulders shake in grief. If a broken heart had a face, hers would be it.

I step closer, and let all the regret, the confusion and the ultimate betrayal linger between us.
“I’m so sorry.” I say, my voice hoarse and broken.

The second the words leave my mouth, her body stiffens. I know their inadequate. She straightens her back, and wipes her face; ridding herself of her vulnerability.

“Sorry?” She spits out in a question. “I hope you fucking burn in hell.”

My head hangs in defeat, knowing those gates are open wide and ready to welcome me.

I feel his disappointment before I see him. “Sasha, the ambulance is making its way to the hospital. Dakota needs you.” My brother Hendrix stares at me like he’s noticing me for the first time. Wondering what he missed, and how we got here. Shaking his head he leaves me behind, and follows his future.

“Drix,” I call out. His shoulders rise and fall at the sound of my voice. “I know how important she is to you. Take care of them for me, you’ll do a better job than I ever could.”

My request scratches the surface of our unspoken thoughts. Guilt swims in my veins and regret cinches my heart. There isn’t a life around me I haven’t touched and stained, and the pain etched on all their faces is tangible proof.

This is the only thing I’ll be remembered for.