He was my father’s oldest friend; a man I expected to loathe and never expected to love.

But Brock Marshall imbedded himself under my skin, until I had no desire to get him out.

Almost two years later, and we’ve defeated the odds, falling in love and getting engaged.

We should be happier than ever but instead we’re at a stalemate. One that might not see us make it down the aisle.

I know he’s my forever, but will our stubbornness get in the way of our happily ever after?

HUSBAND is a 20k novella that can only be read in conjunction with book one GUARDIAN.

I loved this super hot novella! Brock is all alpha male protectiveness that will do anything for the woman he loves. Ivy is a strong woman who loves her man, but is not afraid to go after her dream. They were a perfect match. A super fun and steamy read.

Keri Loves Books