Two halves of a whole, Arlo Bishop and I were both unwanted kids brought together by the foster system. Dealing with the aftermath of neglect and abandonment, we grew up side by side and found solace in one another.

We wanted.

We needed.

We loved.


But somewhere along the way, Arlo wanted and needed and loved drugs more. So, I did the only thing I could and broke my own heart to save his.

Now, four years later, I’m back in L.A. and face-to-face with my past. Not only does the pain and hurt of our mistakes linger between us, but so do our feelings.

I didn’t plan on a second chance, fear of history repeating itself making it hard to forgive and even harder to forget. But with only one touch, one kiss, I was taken back to where it all started.

Two halves of a whole, Arlo Bishop and I were made for for each other. But we were no longer the unwanted foster kids.

We were grown men.

And I wanted nothing more than him.

UNWANTED is book one in a brand new, emotional LGBTQ+ series that follows a group of foster siblings, who are banded together by their pasts. Each book can be read as a COMPLETE standaone.

“I was anticipating this one and it DID NOT disappoint!!! I stay up all night reading!!! From the beginning to the very end I was on an emotional roller coaster!!! Arlo and Frankie are so perfectly beautiful, that you couldn’t help but fall in love with them and at the same time have your heart break for them. This is a high angst, slow burn with steam. I can’t remember reading a more emotionally charged story and loving it so much even though the tears!!!”

CC, 5 stars on Amazon