I couldn’t tell you when I fell in love with Gael Herrera, but I wish I knew how to make it stop. 

Falling in love with a straight man is a rookie mistake. But falling in love with my soon-to-be-married-to-a-woman best friend is nothing but heartache. 


Through all the years, and all the men I’ve fooled around with, he’s always been at the back of my mind. An unrequited crush I wish I could shake. A dream that was never going to come true. 


When I whisk him off to a surprise bachelor party weekend in Vegas, I surrender to the idea that this is an opportunity for me to finally let go of my feelings for him and say goodbye. 


But after a heated exchange and an even hotter kiss, everything I thought I knew about our friendship changed. 


Maybe I had it wrong. Maybe, after all this time, we were more than best friends. Maybe, just maybe, he felt it too.

“This is a book about real world consequences based in a fictional setting. I LOVE THIS!! It pulls on those deep heartstrings while still connecting to the characters. I was completely immersed in Gael and Jordan’s story the entire time and loved reading a new author.”

Kay Daniels Romance