Failing wasn’t an option, but apparently falling for my professor was.

Attending the prestigious King University is one of the many things I must do to keep my parents happy and my trust fund secure.

Having a stellar transcript is another. Unfortunately, my grades are slipping and the only available option is setting up extra help with my professor.

After the first study session I know I’m in trouble. Her tempting lips and the honey scent of her perfume tests my resolve until it crumbles. One shared kiss and I’m willing to risk it all.

Professor Martínez may be my downfall, but falling never felt so good.

Debauchery is part of the King University Series, but can be read as a complete standalone.

“Remy Blake brought it home with Debauchery starring Harper and Connor. Smoking hot Spanish Teacher and her tall, drop dead gorgeous, fit and fabulous senior student. Their connection sizzles and there’s no shortage of hot and steamy satisfaction”
Angie Schneider, Amazon Reviewer