All I wanted was some no-strings attached sex, where small talk wasn’t necessary. There’d be no reminders of laundry that needed to be done and my endless list of responsibilities could be forgotten.

Signing up for the Timber dating app was my answer. No wining or dining; just sex. Those were my rules. I never imagined I’d meet champion lumberjack Magnus Andersen, or that he’d be interested in me.

We’re from two different worlds. He lives a life of luxury, while I’m barely making ends meet. He’s prime rib and I’m mac and cheese.

But the more I get to know him the less those differences seem to matter. He thinks this could work and I just might be crazy enough to believe him.

The sensually erotic scenes in Remy Blake books are sure to fire up your Kindle. If you’re looking for quick, dirty reads with a perfect blend of romance and spice and a HEA – don’t miss any of this duo’s books. 5 stars from me!

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